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Unlike other companies that import cheap components from china then repackage into fancy boxes and resell them for many times their true value we manufacture our MaxBlasters from start to finish in Cleveland, Ohio using the highest quality raw materials, our own plate design, the industries most advanced transformer.


Our goal has always been to produce the highest amounts of ozone for the least amount of money so we include no unnecessary features or parts that simply drive up the price of other machines. For over fifteen years we've continually refined our production process resulting in a minimalist design that maximizes ozone output and longevity.

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Almost all other sellers use the exact same cheap Chinese plate packs that you could buy yourself for about twenty bucks. Not us. We build our own plate packs using 100% pure dielectric ruby muscovite mica. Twice the ozone production as most other machines with a long-term lifespan and easy serviceability.  


Our severe-application transformers not only produce up to twice the ozone as conventional transformers but they can be trusted to perform in harsh conditions with a less than 1% failure rate within 10 years. They're not cheap and therefore our machines are a little more expensive than others. But in the end, quality always costs less. Contact me today for more information and specifications.


Each MaxBlaster is wired in an efficient manner to allow for maximum airflow through the chamber of the machine and easy self-replacement of the generator pack if/when you ever desire to replace it. By replacing the generator pack in your MaxBlaster you can immediately bring it back to brand-new performance standards. In addition we use all stainless steel fasteners.


The only thing stronger than the components within our machines is the integrity and attention to detail exhibited by our team of builders. Unlike companies using import labor practices our fabricators are led with family values and are motivated by the joy of producing the highest-quality USA made ozone generators.


Each MaxBlaster is tested for up to 24 hours prior to shipping in our ozone monitoring chamber. Featuring technology that allows us to test up to 20 machines from within a controlled environment we rigorously check for proper oxygen flow, ozone output, and commercial strength resistance to accidental breakage.


It doesn't matter how great your ozone generator is at the factory if it arrives to you with shipping damage or in non-working condition. We seal each MaxBlaster in anti-static wrap then place it within a fitted 16"x 6"x 6" box. This fitted box is then lined with shock absorbing rolls and combined into the final shipping box. 


When you buy a MaxBlaster you buy direct from us in Cleveland, Ohio. We ship direct to home & business owners worldwide. Unlike sellers that simply mark-up the price of repackaged import machines each MaxBlaster is Made in the USA and shipped direct to the end customer. The highest value in the industry.


We have the experience of building, selling, shipping, and helping our customers maintain thousands of our ozone generators since 2008. Anyone can start a business that sells ozone machines. It takes a lot more to keep customers satisfied for over ten years. Contact us anytime and work with us direct!

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Click the image below to see where almost all other companies buy cheap chinese ozone machines then repackage and resell them for much more than their true value.

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Don't get fooled. In recent years many sellers have come along with the primary intention of making money by repackaging and reselling cheap chinese ozone machines. These sellers import low-quality transformers and plates from alibaba.com then rebuild them into various boxes and sell them on Amazon and other websites for many times their true value. Some sellers attach these components into pre-existing fans, tool boxes, and fancy looking blowers then claim that they are USA Made. All while selling them for upwards of $1000 and making YouTube videos that bash every other seller. It's a shame to our industry. Thankfully, smart buyers usually see through it.

The chinese manufacturers use inflated ratings and bogus claims (and take pride in doing so) while exporting mass quantities of their short lifespan components to resellers in America. Trust me. These machines fail fast and you'll be stuck on your own when it comes time to fix them. I'm not the type to bash my competitors but it's time people knew the truth. There are other sellers out there who do it the right way. And I respect other companies who provide quality products and service for their customers. I compete by building value in our machines and trying to out hustle other legitimate sellers when it comes to customer service. Call me today and you'll see.

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